Web Programming Summer 2019

Date/Location: June 11-13, Colorado School of Mines, Marquez Hall 026

Instructor: Cyndi Rader, crader@mines.edu


This syllabus includes the course description and goals, evaluation criteria, and workshop agenda.


Please complete the course Pre-Work prior to the first day of the workshop. This pre-work is required in order to receive a grade of "A" for the course. We will also use your pre-work files in the first exercise on Day 1 (files can be provided if you don't complete the assignment, but to get the most out of this workshop, it will really be best if you have your own files).

NOTE: You will bring your files the first day on a flash drive.


Please download and extract this zip file.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

A solutions file will be made available after you have submitted the post-work. Remember to copy your files onto your flash drive to take home with you.